TPI's model is simple--recruit and train high-achieving high school students to start TPI clubs in their schools, make connections with elementary and middle schools, and teach our peace curriculum to middle and elementary school students in their community.

We start by making connections with students through our online grassroots efforts. We match them with Senior Organizers, who provide advice and resources as they work to start a TPI group at their school.

With our assistance, students secure a faculty advisor, organize their peers, and make connections with local elementary and middle schools. We guide them in training their volunteers to use our grant-winning peace curriculum before going to teach kids in their communities about peace, tolerance, and nonviolence.

We also give students the opportunity to engage in advocacy efforts supporting policies that discourage bullying and provide resources for effective conflict resolution in schools. 

Our model is successful on two levels--young students are far more receptive to lessons on peace, tolerance, and bullying when the instruction is coming from an older peer rather than a teacher, and the high school students involved in our program learn valuable skills in leadership, community organizing, and creating positive, peaceful change. 

Our program is active in over 25 schools in over a dozen states and three foreign countries.

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