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In addition to its broad grassroots support, TPI is proud to have earned the support of policymakers, educators, and activists nation- and world-wide. Here's what they have to say:


Dr. Sally Shaywitz

 "Brilliant and innovative, with a curriculum and plan that actively and explicitly advocates for peace, the Teaching Peace Initiative offers real hope for promoting peace in our classrooms and in the world.”

—Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Audrey G. Ratner Professor in Learning Development, Yale University School of Medicine & Co-Director, Yale Center for Creativity & Dyslexia

"The students at the Teaching Peace Initiative know that teaching children tolerance and the values of good citizenship makes a real difference. Their innovation is needed and inspiring as we work to make our schools safe and accepting for all.”

- Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA), Chair, House Anti-bullying Caucus

“I applaud these students for their leadership and their efforts to bring this issue to light. If we work to make sure these values are taught more widely in schools today, we will find ourselves with safer, more accepting schools tomorrow, and raise a tolerant and peaceful generation for the future.”

–Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD)

“Count me as an admirer of the Teaching Peace Initiative. It has all the markings of success: a knowledgeable and energetic staff, a passion for peace education and a sure-fire plan to expand still beyond its early achievements.”

-Colman McCarthy, American University Professor, former Washington Post Columnist, activist, and peace educator

“The TPI leaders were able to show the children that being kind can be cool. I found the effects on the children to be far more long lasting than a traditional lesson on bullying would have been. They initiated comments about it when we were discussing Animal Farm afterwards and they brought it up in other discussions as well. I also noticed that many of the students stepped in to stop unkindness and that many did not join in when bullying was taking place.”

–Margaret Hughes-Baldwin, Educator

“I have worked in the conflict resolution field for many years. It has been my honor to witness this team at work. I don’t know when I have ever been so impressed with a group of people — young or old.”

—Kit Hanley, Founder & Director, LifeWorks4Us2, a peacemaking and conflict resolution organization

"The Teaching Peace Initiative is a much needed and courageous step. We need to teach about peace more than ever today to our kids and to all. I wish them every success in their effort.”

– Rani Kakshapati, Founder and Principal, Shuvatara School, Kathmandu, Nepal

 “I had the opportunity to sit in on [TPI's] presentation and found it very valuable.  The information shared was relevant and developmentally appropriate for middle level learners.  The student presenters were well spoken and well prepared.  They were able to engage the middle school students on their level and good conversation ensued.”

— Lisa Shipley, Principal, School of the Incarnation, Baltimore, MD



 "I feel our community and country are in good hands with youth like those carrying forward TPI. They combine the vision, willingness, courage, and hard work that will continue to make our world a better place to be.”

—Barbara Thomas, Chairperson, Greater Annapolis Interfaith Network

 "Remarkable...I have seen a lot of great programs, but TPI is exceptional."

--Chic Dambach, Past President, Alliance for Peacebuilding. 


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