The Teaching Peace Initiative is a nonprofit educational organization, dedicated to inspiring a generation of proactive peacemakers through comprehensive curricula that stress the values of tolerance and open-mindedness. By organizing students to teach these values to younger students in their community, advocating for the incorporation of programs that stress these values into every child’s school experience, and by developing and administering curricula designed specifically to teach these concepts, we seek to ensure that children not only understand what peace is, but acquire the desire and the skills to make it a reality in their communities and the world at large.

Prompting young people to think compassionately and reject intolerance must be a priority in this day and age, as the national spotlight continues to shine on the disastrous consequences of bullying in schools, as we still struggle with issues of bigotry and intolerance, and as violence permeates most of our media.

In more immediate, concrete terms, we hope that our advocacy will prompt educators to introduce peace-centric curricula to their young students, and that our organizing will lead to teens teaching the values of peace and tolerance to students in their communities, leading to a reduction in bullying and violence in schools.

Our broader, overarching goal is to see instruction in the ideas of peace, compassion, and nonviolence become a part of every child’s learning experience, and to foster the growth of a generation of leaders who fully understand and can practice empathy, conflict resolution, and work proactively to make our world stronger, safer, and more peaceful.

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