Our innovative approach creates buy-in and engages students to help drive home important concepts of peace and tolerance.

Impact Report: Indian Hills & Pauline South Elementary, Topeka KS, Fall 2014

In the fall of 2014, high school student leaders trained by TPI taught our curriculum at two public elementary schools in Topeka, KS. Our analysis of the pre- and post-tests results from those classes can be found here. 

From the report: The results from these schools "indicate strong potential of the workshop model of TPI curriculum administration to affect and broaden students’ ideas and understanding of peace and nonviolent conflict resolution.  In particular, the TPI curriculum has the ability to highlight specific phrases and concepts, and to engage students in retaining such information and discussions, and this supports prior evidence in showing that TPI curriculum can expand upon even already-well-formed understandings of peace education."

Read the full report here.


Studying Our Impact in 2013-2014

Our Research Director, Kevin Hwang, released this report analyzing pre- and post-test data from Vejar Elementary in Walnut, California, one of the schools TPI volunteers worked at in our national pilot year of 2013-2014.

We overwhelmingly found that "student participation in the TPI curriculum for peace education at Vejar Elementary clearly improved student understanding of the definition of bullying, and reinforced understanding of how to best deal with bullying.  It also increased awareness of the importance of creating a bully-free environment."

Read the report here. 


Our Pre-Launch Data

Before expanding to schools across the country for the 2013-2014 school year, we piloted our approach and our curriculum in over two dozen classrooms. 

Our Research Director, Kevin Hwang, prepared a report on the effectiveness of our curriculum using the post-tests of students who had been taught the TPI curriculum. The results were clear: Children who were exposed to our peace curriculum in a student-to-student educational setting were able to recall, repeat, and apply the important concepts of peacemaking that we taught. You can read the report here. 

You can also read testimonials about the promise and successes of TPI from our supporters.  

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